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The Return of Scotch

Talk to any Yukon musician playing Outside and you’ll get all sorts of small-world stories.Take Declan O’Donovan, lead vocals, piano and acoustic guitar for the group, Scotch. Playing a solo set in a bar in Montréal...

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Into Hearts and Living Rooms

Sarah Jane Scouten, a Montreal-based bluegrass folk musician who originally hails from Bowen Island, B.C., is making her way through the Yukon on an 11-show tour between September 21 and October 5.Having seen Scouten play...

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Out on His Own

There used to be a band in Whitehorse called Scotch. It was a party band, centred around brothers Ryan and Declan O’Donovan. But in the natural course of bands and families, the members moved on.Declan now divides his time...

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Setting Forth for New Frontiers

“It costs almost the same or even less to travel from Whitehorse to Germany than to Eastern Canada and there are so many more people,” Barr says. “I needed an opportunity like this to play outside of Canada. I know how to tour...

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Almost Everybody Knows One

It seems almost everybody knows an O’Donovan.Some of us know nine or 10 of them.All told, there are 11 siblings and they tend to be an active and creative bunch. After seeing different brothers and sisters pop up at...

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