2014 Condor Contest Entry: A Gift

Ever want to give someone a present because they mean so much to you, but you don’t know what to buy them?

Well if I won this amazing prize I actually wouldn’t keep it for myself. I would give both tickets to my cousin for her and her husband. Growing up, my cousin and I were not close, not because we didn’t want to be but because her family lived in Whitehorse and mine was in Kelowna, B.C. There is also a 15-year age difference.

However, this changed just under two years ago when I moved here for a year. I think that’s how most Yukon stories start.

I have loved getting to know Tara and her family. I have loved getting to know my family from up here and really I hope to live here much longer because of them.

Tara and Chris have done so much for me without wanting anything in return. I would love to buy them something, but being a student that is just not possible. If I won this trip I think it may be able to emphasize how much they mean to me.

Chris is gone most of the summer with work and I know if they could go on this trip upon his return from a busy summer they would have the best time ever. I would love to go to Frankfurt but I know my cousin and her husband would have the time of their life, and to me that is priceless.

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