If I won the trip for two to Frankfurt I would take the Sasquatch that lives in the forest behind my house with me. Flunder is a good, polite and considerate friend and has mentioned he would like to visit Germany especially the Teutoberg Forest. He has relatives living there. He also has an interest in modern Germany and wants to visit the Berlin Wall.

I would imagine our visit to Germany would go like this.

There will be a few problems at first. Flunder’s passport has expired and we will have to renew it. He had nothing new to wear so we will buy him a couple of basketball exercise outfits. His size twenty-eight running shoes will be a special order.

When we arrive in Frankfurt we will visit the Kalkriese museum where the great battle of the Teutoberg Forest took place near Osnabruck. Fifteen thousand Roman soldiers led by General Varus were slaughtered, around 7 A.D. by the Germanic warriors led by Arminius. I have read that the museum is full of artifacts and models of Roman towns and army forts.

After visiting the museum I imagine Flunder will take off that evening to visit his family and not return until morning.

“I had a wonderful time visiting Uncle Adalberth and Auntie Brunhild,” he will say.

Flunder’s head doesn’t fit a normal car so we will rent a Mercedes Benz with a sun roof and drive the Autobahn to Berlin. The advisory speed limit is 130 kilometers per hour but on some stretches there is no limit. At 300 kilometers per hour we will probably be passed by some amazing sports cars and maybe one high speed Kawasaki motorcycle. I have to say at this juncture that Flunder is a skillful and careful driver.

In Berlin we will drive past the Brandenburg Gate with the magnificent triumphant Quadriga crowning it. We will stay at the Intercontinental Berlin Hotel, have a swim in the indoor pool and enjoyed a complimentary breakfast. The staff will be more than accommodating and even find a super king sized bed for Flunder. That will make him very happy. Flunder is young and growing and needs his rest.

There is much to see in Berlin. We can join a bike tour for $35.00 US and spend most of the day visiting Museum Island, the Berlin Wall, Hitler’s Bunker, Checkpoint Charlie and ride along the Spree River through the Tiergarten Park.

Flunder and I will be on a tandem bike. He will probably insist on doing most of the peddling saying, “I’m much stronger than you.”

I will do the steering.

We heard about the famous night life in Berlin and I’m sure we will never experience anything like it again.

Our first stop will be the White Trash, a one-room restaurant in the Mitte district. It is a burger-bar that serves hefty hamburgers and has live music. It is known for visits by famous rock musicians. David Bowie and a member of the Ramones have been seen, at different times, chowing down there.

Flunder loves techno music and dancing. Our next destination will be the Watergate. Flunder is a good dancer and the women will probably keep him on the floor until 2:00 am! I will be exhausted but Flunder would still be raring to go. Sasquatches have great endurance.

We will have a wonderful time in Germany. The hospitality will be great. Condor Airlines is a great airline and I think Flunder will be happy if we win the contest.

Flunder said, “I might meet a pretty Sasquatch girl in the Teutoberg Forest.”

Please make Flunder’s wish come true.