If I could fly to Frankfurt, I would take along my best friend, who has never flown

before. We would be squealing with happiness and excitement (we would be

driving our families crazy) for weeks before we left. We would board the plane

and have the time of our lives, noticing every little detail. Most of my family lives

in Germany so I could ask my Grandparents to pick us up from the airport and let

us stay with them. My best friend and me would spend our vacation Shopping

in Germany’s malls, going to famous amusement parks, enjoying the warm

weather, and visiting my family. We could also go to zoos and petting-zoos, which

Germany is full of (in comparison to the yukon). We might be able to take my

Grandparent’s RV and drive (with my Grandparents; that’s why they’re grand) to

France, or to my Grandparent’s house in Spain, which even has a swimming pool.

I could also show my friend all the old relics in Germany like the castles, ruins,

and old gardens, and maybe even the Berlin Wall which I have never seen before,

either. We would also be able to eat Germany’s good foods; like pretzels, Ice

creams, gummy bears, breads, and cakes. Another reason why I would love to go

to Germany is I probably won’t for a very long time (unless I win the “Take me to

Frankfurt!” contest) because my family wants to go to Hawaii next, and I am not

counting on going there anytime soon, either, since we still need to save up for

that and it costs a lot to get a family of eight on a flight.

We wouldn’t have any language problems, for most of my family speak fluent

English and I speak fluent German. It would be fun to translate, too.

We would write letters to our families saying how we are doing and how they are

doing, and writing our brothers and sisters saying: Wow isn’t it wonderful here!

Too bad you couldn’t come with us. We sure are having fun!

On the airplane ride back we would have fun talking about the adventures we

have had and our souvenirs and although this was fun it is still nice to go back

home etc. When we get off the airplane and get picked up by our parents we

will be able to tell them all about everything and how the flight was. Me and my

best friend would look at each other and smile and that night we would go to bed

happy and tired after our best friend adventure!