My mother had always told me that I should visit Europe, mostly Germany. My family has military background. My step-father was posted over sea’s, and my mother was able to visit him twice while he was on assignment. Germany was the base,and that’s where they stayed / visited. They also toured France, and I heard most, ( not all …they were married…lol) of the area’s they visited. They really enjoyed the area, people, and the food.

Unfortunately, the relationship failed, but I still heard the stories from time to time. I always had the intent on visiting, just because my mom enjoyed it and said I should go. I had always planned to go, even thinking that I should try to take mom back for another visit.

I can only say that life and other things made it less likely that I would get to take mom, or even go myself. This past October my mom was diagnosed with terminal pancreas cancer, and died 5 weeks later. I have her ashes, and nice memories of when mom would talk about the trips she had made overseas. One of the flights was the worst flight she had ever taken. As she was explaining it, I though ” how does an airline get away with that”. She omitted to tell me that it was a military Hercules aircraft that she was on. I think that the Condor flight would be much more comfortable than what she experienced.

As for who I would send to Europe?… I would go and take,(not leave) my mom’s ashes. Then I would have to raffle off the other ticket to one of my 3 kids….lol