Please allow me to introduce this tales Hero. Like many heroes, he is much of what you would expect from your everyday individual. He’s hardworking, driven, skilled, and thoughtful. However, what sets this hero apart is that he is a Yukoner! There’s no question, Canadians across this great land are a very special pedigree of people, but in case you didn’t already know, Yukoners are an exception to the rule. Thankfully, the hero of this adventure is in fact a Yukoner, but he needs help. Quick! Lets jump to the action where we find our Hero facing certain perils!


Sadly, every story with a hero needs a villain. Meet this tales dark desperado: “The Grind”!!! Look out! This no-good outlaw comes in many dangerous forms: dirty dishes, bills to be paid and snow to be shoveled, flat tires, head colds, alarm clocks, -50 wind-chill, and grocery lists, to name only a few. On this day, we find “The Grind” getting the best of our hero. It’s a black and unfriendly winter night, the sun has barely risen on this day, and “The Grind” has our hero down-and-out, in a veritable choke hold. What will our Yukon hero do to get out of this one?!…

CHAPTER 2: Hope out of Thin Air.

With “The Grind” having our hero on his back, dizzied and forlorn, his mind suddenly snaps back into focus. From his vantage, he sees the majesty of his surroundings: the mountains, stretching far-and-wide, the snow gently sparkling beneath the waltz of Northern Lights on high. And just then our hero senses hope! What’s this?! When we thought that all hope might have been lost, a leaf of paper feathers its way down from the heavens, landing JUST within reach of our heroes grasp. What could this be?!…

CHAPTER 3: Flight of the Condor!

Our Hero grabs the paper and reads feverishly, “Take me to Frankfurt!”, “Win a Trip on Condor Airlines!”, “Pick me Please!”. With this saving grace, our hero knows exactly what to do. Finding a sudden burst of power and without hesitation he tosses aside “The Grind”!! WHAM! SPAT! ZOOM! And our hero makes haste for his pen and paper!

CHAPTER 4: Super Power Restart!

In that moment of clarity, when all seemed to be for naught, our hero realized just what he needed to fend off the evils of the “The Grind”. He needed to draw on the super powers of the people and things he values and loves so highly, but sadly are not always within close range. If given the chance the to travel to Europe, our hero is certain that rejoicing with his mother [now living in England, with her own very long list of super powers] would be a top priority. Our hero would also bring along his Yukon sidekick: Teacher Woman! [whom, is also in need of some serious rejuvenation] All together, stopping in on a many dear old companions and making our ways to the other great havens of Europe, like Italy, France, Spain, and Germany, would be a must for this adventure. Not only this, the additional powers found through the divine foods and drink, breathtaking vistas, and the astounding cultures of Europe will undoubtedly elevate our hero to heights and strengths never before thought possible!

EPILOGUE: Recharged and Ready!

With his cape rippling behind him in the wind, standing proudly atop a majestic Yukon mountain, our hero pauses to reflect. He realizes that although he gains much strength through the stunning setting and thrilling spirit of the Yukon, he too recognizes that we all need to get away, and gaze upon new horizons to truly rejuvenate our super powers. For he ultimately knows, as we all do, that some day soon, somewhere, “The Grind” will be lurking, waiting, and we must be ready and recharged to fend him off, yet again! Can you help our Hero to prepare for this next round?! We know you can!