Frankfurt’s a gateway, linking other spots,

I’d visit family, in the land of the Scots.

But if I win and fly, I’d go to the Isle of Skye,

Chat with cousins over Talisker shots!

I’d bring my boyfriend who dreams to fly fish there,

Casting with caddis flies – brown trout beware!

After catching up lots, fishing all the lochs,

We’d give my fam big hugs and say take care!

By boat we would set sail for southern France,

To visit my boyfriend’s parents and aunts,

We would eat fresh ewe cheese, hike in the Pyrenees,

And try escargot if we get the chance!

We say “a bientot” and board the T.G.V.

Passing lavender fields, oh! So pretty!

We see the Alps have snow, but to Frankfurt we go,

Leaving the country for the big city.

We’ll fill our suitcase ’till it fits no more,

Many things here that aren’t at Superstore!

We’ll eat bratwurst ‘am Main’ but then it will be time,

To go back to Whitehorse on Air Condor.

Then we’re back in our cabin in the bush,

Without power, water but an outhouse for our tush!

It’s great to be gone, but not for too long

Because we love our life in the Yukon!