Celebrate Local Food

Celebrate Local Food – October 2019

This month’s Local Food Promotion winner is… Cindy Breitkreutz This is a Kugel made with local carrots, eggs and wild mushrooms (agaricus and oyster). So tasty!

Celebrate Local Food – September 2019

This month’s Local Food Promotion winner is… Sylwia Motała Saskatoon Berry Cake To make this beautiful Saskatoon Berry cake she used delicious antioxidant-rich berries grown in her front yard. The cake is covered with a homemade Saskatoon Berry chocolate sauce and fresh berries. And we have to love her email tag/quote: Life is uncertain; eat …

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Celebrate Local Food – August 2019

This month’s Local Food Promotion winner is… Jeszika Jeszika, has sent us many many photos simply loving Yukon grown and raised foods

Celebrate Local Food – April 2019

This month’s Local Food Promotion winner is… Mary Holozubiec Mary wrote: The Yukon just may very well be the kale capital of Canada. Kale is not just for chips anymore. You can put in smoothies, salads, spanakopita,soups, quiches, and frittatas. The sky is the limit. Here is one of her favorite recipes for KALE QUINOA …

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Celebrate Local Food – January 2019

Two Wonderful Submissions! Received From Chef Berna O’Donovan of Cucina Berma Home cured Icy Waters Arctic Char Gravlax with Saffron and Hawaiian Red Salt. (above) Arctic char from Icy Waters Berna cured with salt, sugar, Yukon Juniper berries and Free Pour Jenny’s Solstice bitters. (right) Thank you Berma for answering our call and we’re pleased …

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Jamaican Baked Bananas for Christmas

Delicate and fine, the American Beauty Rose china service was surrounded by gleaming silver cutlery, platters and serving bowls passed down through family generations. All set on crisp, freshly ironed linen tablecloths, the dining room was ready for royalty. I was 10 years old. A working class Caucasian kid on a mixed family street in …

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In Bloom for Christmas

“Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens / Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens / Brown paper packages tied up with strings / These are a few of my favorite things.” So goes the delightful Christmas song. For Whitehorse florist, Crystal Rose, Christmas is more chaos than delight. The P.E.I. native opened her shop, …

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A Tough Nut to Crack

Nuts are a staple product come Christmas time. The Nutcracker ballet is a staple theatre production, too. Combine the two and you have yourself a merry little nutcracker soldier man. But where on earth did the nut-cracking device originate? Believe it or not, it goes back to pre-historic times. Ruins of stone nutcrackers go far …

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A Christmas Tale Retold

Manufacturing, transportation — even writing styles — have all changed since Clement Moore’s famous ditty, A Visit from St. Nicholas, first appeared anonymously in the Troy, N.Y. Sentinel on December 23, 1823. As a public service, What’s Up Yukon is pleased to present a more contemporary version of this oft-told tale: Yo, Nick. Is that …

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Getting Ready for Christmas

It was December sometime in the mid-1950s. I was in the Baptist Mission School here in Whitehorse. Behind the fenced-in grounds of the school were several long buildings that were once used by the army. There also was the Army Theatre where we would perform our annual Christmas concert. We would practice in the long …

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A Turkey and Some Gifts Can Make a Big Difference

For more than a decade volunteers have been bringing bundles of stuff to hundreds of families in need around Whitehorse at Christmas — and making a second trip back to the car to get the rest. The children who receive those gifts don’t know their parents’ full situation, nor the care and generosity of hundreds …

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Christmas Comes to This

My best Christmas ever felt humdrum and boring at first. I was a first-year university student in a Greyhound bus for 10 hours to spend Christmas with her grandparents and parents, instead of jet-setting back to her hometown to visit old friends and revisit high school haunts. It was hot at my grandparents house, so …

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Home for Christmas

“You pour the brandy on the pudding and set fire to it?! You English are strange”. Whitehorse in the snowy grip of Winter 2001. Basement apartment. Our first Christmas together as a married couple. Our first Christmas away from home. What was originally conceived as a wildly adventurous honeymoon destination had morphed into a sojourn: …

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Anatomy of a Christmas Kindness

A battle is raging inside the F.H. Collins Gadzoosdaa Student Residence common room. Potato, turnip and carrot skins fly across the tabletop as 18 busy hands, armed with peelers, attack an army of vulnerable vegetables. The veggie numbers are overwhelmingly intimidating with another 50-pound box waiting in reserve. But as another defeated, skinned potato is …

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Christmas for Farmers

I love Christmas … the lights that light up Main Street, the smells of Christmas baking, the excitement of wrapping up secrets and putting them under the tree. I love just about everything about Christmas … except the commercialization of it. So when doing my shopping, I try to look for things that haven’t been …

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A Taste of Denmark

My parents, Bob and Elly Porsild, were from Denmark and we always observed Christmas in the Scandinavian way, celebrating with dinner and pakke on the eve of December 24th. The meal always began with rice porridge with a blanched almond hidden in it, the finder of said almond receiving a small gift and a year’s …

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Peppermint Latte at the North Pole

Somebody pinch me. I’m really here in Santa’s Village! Rosy-cheeked elves and reindeer and Norwegian sweaters and tinkling bells. It’s so magical! Although December is high season, it’s remarkably easy to ignore the crowds when I’m dazzled by the childhood fantasies surrounding me. Everything twinkles here. I had some Aeroplan points to burn, and my …

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Have Pig, Will Travel

As we get closer and closer to the epic feasts that are in the near future I can’t help but think of … the Christmas ham. It’s become a bit of a tradition at my family’s Christmas table for me to prepare a ham from scratch using the best pork I can find, followed by …

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Festive Cake Balls

Cake Balls are a nice replacement for classic rum balls – lighter in texture because their insides have more cake than icing sugar

I Really Don’t Like Xmas

A new writer submitted a story the other day. A good story, too: well-written, informative, witty. But something in the first paragraph hit one of my uh-uh buttons. What made the veins on my forehead throb was a single word: Xmas. I really, really do not like Xmas. Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing …

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Santa Claus, Pet Whisperer

Is Logan sick of getting the same old moose bones every year? Would Fluffy like a pink rhinestone-studded collar, or is beaver skin more her style? Okay, your furry friends won’t actually be able to tell Santa what they’d like for Christmas, but that shouldn’t stop you from bringing them to Peabody’s Photo Parlour in …

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A Matter of Texture

In Canada, as well as the States and all over Europe, this time of year the smells of cinnamon, molasses and ginger are overwhelming at times. I mean, even escaping our homes on a trip to a coffee shop, we can get hit with a gingerbread or pumpkin spice latte across the face. As we …

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Festive Food Fare

Spinach Pie This is called Spinach Pie in my house, but it’s actually a no-crust quiche. My mom makes this for me when I visit, a tradition that started in my early 20s when she worried that I lived on Diet Coke and candy. It’s delicious, healthy, easy to make and a whole pie can …

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Time for Time Out

Once the flurry of pre-Christmas activities dies down, there’s no need to feel bored just because school is out and you have a few days off work. For our last edition of 2011, What’s Up Yukon took a quick snapshot of some seasonal activities that might interest you. For the artistically or historically inclined, why …

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Counting Birds: A Christmas Tradition

You may be familiar with the partridge in the pear tree and the two turtle doves – counting birds is a longstanding Christmas tradition. The first official Christmas Bird Count (CBC), however, was started in 1900, after American ornithologist Frank Chapman decided to count birds instead of kill them (the annual “side hunt” was a …

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The Christmas Visitor

Grateful isn’t a word that automatically springs to mind when I think about myself as a child. My family wasn’t awash in money, but there was always food on the table and our home was always warm, thanks to our wood stove. I didn’t give much thought to what it would feel like to go …

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