Eric’s Christmas Moose Stew

I’ve got a moose stew I usually throw together in the winter for a party. I get it going on the stove, and when it’s done I set it on the fireplace with a ladle and some bowls laying around for people to tie into it whenever they feel like it. I’ve never written it down so it’ll be pretty approximate, but it’s worth a go:  


1-2 kg moose bits

1 box of wine

4-6 carrots

1 stalk of celery

4-5 Yukon gold potatoes

1 bag of frozen peas

2 small onions

1/2 kg of mushrooms

1/2 cup of flour

2-3 cups of moose stock, (if you have none, use the canned beef stuff)

Worchestershire sauce

Salt, pepper, granulated garlic.. etc..

Oregano, savoury, thyme, and rosemary… or whatever else smells decent in the spice rack. If you have a bay leaf floating around then that’d be nice.


Thaw the moose meat and fry it at a high temp in your stew pot, with a fair bit of oil, add salt/pepper and flour. Cook for about five minutes then remove the moose and put it aside for a bit. Dice up the onions, carrots, and celery then fry them in the moosey oil in the pan. Add a bunch of the garlic and herbs listed above and simmer until it starts to sweat.

Put the sliced mushrooms that I forgot to list in and let that toss around for three to four more minutes. Once you feel good about what you have done in the pot, put the cooked moose back inside and add whatever spices you find adequate with it. Give it a snork of red wine and let that do its thing for a bit.

Add a few more shots of wine because it’s in your glass anyway and it’s fun to put what you’re drinking into your food. Add stock. Get it up to a slow boil then put it down to minimum. Add some Worcestershire Sauce.

Then sit and work on that box of wine for an hour or so, that stew’s not going anywhere. Once you snap back into it, two hours later or so, it’s now ready for for peas and spuds. Get those in there and give it 20 more minutes on the stove. I like to add one more snork of wine after it’s done on the stove for that uncooked red wine taste that you don’t actually taste.

Now it’s pretty well ready. If you have a wood stove, let it sit there for the evening and let the party lay into it. If not, just leave it on the stove and keep it warm.

It’s good hearty Christmas party food.

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