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Spinach Pie

This is called Spinach Pie in my house, but it’s actually a no-crust quiche. My mom makes this for me when I visit, a tradition that started in my early 20s when she worried that I lived on Diet Coke and candy.

It’s delicious, healthy, easy to make and a whole pie can last for a week of breakfasts.

You can swap out a lot of things in this recipe—it’s fairly versatile. I like to make it with goat cheese and roasted tomatoes as well.

Also, from experience, this makes for a much nicer breakfast than Diet Coke and candy.


1 large squash

2 yellow onions, medium size

1 tsp brown sugar

2 tbsp butter

1 cup cottage or ricotta cheese

1/2 cup crumbled Danish blue cheese

2 packages frozen spinach, defrosted

6-8 eggs


Turn the oven up to 425F (220°C) and roast the squash for about 20 minutes.

While that’s happening, thinly slice the onions and throw them in a pan with the butter and brown sugar over medium heat, being careful not to burn them.

Check yourself out in a nearby reflective surface – you are making candy out of onions. You are incredible. Cook until caramelized, cool when done.

Take out the squash and turn the oven down to 350°F (175°C).

Take the defrosted spinach, drain all moisture from it, and press it into a glass pie plate.

In a bowl, beat 6-8 eggs (7 eggs?) together with the cottage cheese. Peel and dice your squash and add to egg mixture. Add in caramelized onions and blue cheese, then take the entire mixture and pour it onto the spinach-lined pie plate. Bake for 30-35 minutes.

Elaine Corden is a writer and editor who definitely has never eaten gummi worms for dinner.

Bill Hakonson’s Cornish Hen

by Greg Hakonson

This was my father, Bill Hakonson’s, recipe.

Serve with rice and your favourite veggie. Accompanied by good wine and a great friend—can’t go wrong!

Use one hen per two people. Adjust ingredients accordingly for more.


1 Cornish game hen

1 apple

3 tsp brown sugar

1 tbsp butter

Salt to taste


Slice apple and remove core, then place in hen with brown sugar and butter.

Salt hen to suit and place, breast down, in preheated 350F degree oven. Cook for 30 minutes.

Turn hen over, return to oven and cook until golden brown, basting throughout with the drippings.

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