Eh? to Zed. by Brendan Morphet

Eh? to Zed.

Tims in hand, cross country drive has begun.

Travel from The Rock to Midnight Sun.

Going to chat with folks from across this great nation

But…everything I hear requires explanation.

The Jaw, The Patch, The Nish, The Hat.

Gitches, Gonches and Rink Rats.

A Jambuster, a Doeskin, a Snowbird.

A Keener, a Jinxer, a Cheese Curd.

A Swig of Screech, a Hoser, a Sourdough.

A Boot, a Rip, a Canadian Tuxedo.

A Chesterfield, a Kerfuffle, a Bunnyhug.

A Click, a Soaker, a Timmy’s Mug.

Kitty Corner, Two-Fours, and Dairy Bars.

Freezies, Pogey and Arctic Chars.

Larry, Roger and Pablum

Parkade, Whitener and Skookum.

Runners, Housecoat and Supply Teacher.

Molson Muscle, and Give’r.

Prairie Stars and an Arse.

Stubble Jumpers and Air Farce.

It’s not always easy to understand what is said,

But our slang ranges from Eh? to Zed.

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