Hunting for Wildlife: Ramona Toth

Annoyed and tired after three weekends in a row of hunting with no success, we ended the second-last day in our favorite hunting spot.

Before we left that evening, my dad decided to release a moose call. It was a lengthy call so I jokingly asked my dad if he said anything to the moose. He said that he “left a sexy message to meet me back here in the morning”.

I rolled my eyes.

But, sure enough, when we returned by boat the next morning, there were two bull moose waiting for us.

So, I picked up my 300 Winchester Mag., took aim from approximately 225 yards, and fired a successful shot.

Later that day we ate fire-roasted moose ribs with wild onions. My grandmother claimed most of the good parts such as the heart, kidney, a hindquarter, and lots of fat. My sister is looking forward to the tongue and nose.I will save the head and have it mounted.

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