Living With Wildlife: Carolin Kleedehn

While at work, I noticed a fox walking right by the window. It brightened up my day as he actually looked at me for a second. He went moving on and disappeared behind another building. A few minutes later I just quickly checked and looked outside the window and sure enough – there is a fox sitting right on top of the roof of the building next to mine!

I couldn’t believe it at the moment. He sat there like a boss. He was very focused on a few tiny birds flying around a tree next to the house. It only lasted for seconds and I was sure nothing could top something like this. I mean, who’s seen a fox sitting on a roof before? It’s not happening every day. Believe it or not, something can actually top a fox on a roof! This would be: Two foxes on a roof!

Only a couple of minutes later another fox showed up on the roof. They even started playing and running around.
This made my day, without a doubt. I always carry my camera, because you never know what’s going on up here in the Yukon!
Taken with a Nikon D500 Lens: 70-200mm AFS-G

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