Living With Wildlife: Judith Beaumont

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Living with Wildlife
by Judith Beaumont, Mount Lorne

When we were clearing trees to build a guest cabin this summer, we discovered a woodpecker tree. The parents guarded it with their lives all through noisy chainsawing, stump removal and excavation work.

These photos show the male – he is either a black-backed three-toed woodpecker or a northern three-toed woodpecker. They are very similar.

Late in June, we started hearing noises from inside the hole and the parents bringing food back to their young. Then one day, they were gone.

I did see the female once later in the summer in a nearby tree so we are hoping they will remain in the area.

The tree has become a “landscape sculpture” in the hopes that the birds will return and we will be able to sit on the deck and watch them again (the last photo shows the tree on the left).

These photos were taken with a simple Olympus Stylus camera in zoom mode.

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