Northern Bard: Anell Angeles Trejo “Yukon, larger than life”

Yukon, larger than life

Where to start and when to end?

welcome to paradise my friend

Every inch of this nation tells a story

where the people work hard to get the glory

And once you meet the Yukon, none can dare escape

surrounded by exotic flowers and a beutiful landscape

In my soul the are not words to express

the fauna and the wildlife of the Yukon almightness

But the asked to write a poem and I wait for a praise

to win this ticket, so many points to appraise

I love Yukon sky, pink and purple in my mind

unusual colours to see, thanks God I am not blind

I am so amazed, I really adore

this land, this country, I could not ask for more

Just simple as that, you are who you are Yukon

who is larger than life, never will be so common.

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