Northern Bard: Armin Johnson “In the Yukon Wild”

In The Yukon Wild

“You know your spent in the Yukon Wild

When you can’t even fake a smile

We’d been digging for days

And how you long for the praise 

That would make you go on for a  while”

Out here what remains tells a story

Like some crazy fairy tale

And with the old miners rhyme

In the back of my mind

We plodded along the trail

Riding along the land speaks of past souls

Lonely like a lone wolf call

Some of toil and pain

And fortune..fewer fame

And some lost in the beauty of it all

But here we are on a horseback adventure!

In a continual state of awe 

And that peace and still 

Can consume you… it will

And you may never leave the Yukon at all

So to our friends over in Europe

Come over and see this amazing place

Don’t stop and ponder 

Just jump on that condor

We know you’ll enjoy the space

Cause there’s just something here that pulls you 

It you draws you into its game

And like the midnight sun  

Or watching the salmon run

You’ll never leave the Yukon the same.

Poem Style: a free verse / ballad style.

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