Northern Bard: Heiko Haehnsen “Happy Visitors”

What kind of thing you’re looking for?

Welcome happy visitor!

Guess what, we could not offer it up here

Just a small vary of local beer.

Please visitor, don’t get me wrong

Minus 40 – all year long!

In deed, we’re living right beside the moon

future coming – pretty soon!

No internet but out house style

I don’t think you will stay a while.

Oh my god, what can I pray

That those visitors will stay away

If they find out how Yukon is for real

they won’t leave – that’s not a deal!

They will come in buses, cruise ships and by plane

In my head occurs a pain!

I wouldn’t mind to stay alone

In this great place I call my home.

Okay my friend come in, it’s good

Let’s share some leisure and some food

We have a space left down the road

You can have a house there and a boat

I can help you making fire wood

Just one thing: Don’t tell it in your neighborhood!

Poem form: Irony/ Rhyme

Author: Heiko Haehnsen, Haines Junction

Photo Credits: Heiko Haehnsen 2015

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