Northern Bard: Mary Anne Keating “A Contest To Win”

A Contest To Win

I was home one night seated at my table,

Not in the mood for internet and I have no cable.

So I started to read last week’s paper mail.

I leave it late to go through, most times without fail.

“What’s Up Yukon” was folded so neatly.

I thought of recycling before reading completely.

The back cover appeared to be most revealing.

“Home Hardware’s” ad was quite appealing.

Bringing thoughts of a stove and a new kitchen floor.

A mental note to go and check out the store.

I turned the page and what did I see?

A poetry contest that was written for me.

I found a pen, and a pad filled with lines,

I’ve written poetry before, oh so many kinds.

Condor Airlines was offering a trip for two.

Frankfurt, Germany? That trip I could do.

As a Uniglobe bonus in, a hotel for two nights

I can’t wait to go and see all the sights.

What type of poem will I start with first?

A Ballad? A Sonnet? Or just a short verse?

The rules tell me two entries I am limited to.

I thought at first I’d write a Haiku.

The words didn’t come so I changed my pick,

I decided to write a short Limerick.

In the province of Newfoundland I was born and raised.

I moved to Yukon, my friends were amazed.

A cute tribute to my new found little nest,

Was the best way to begin this exciting contest.

My second, more thought, to a much longer rhyme.

To guarantee this trip soon will be mine.

Writing the alphabet letters at the top of the page,

Is a trick I learned at a very young age.

It helps the words flow, out of my mind.

More rhyming words, it helps me to find.

So here you have it, my story intact.

Please pick my poem so I can go pack.

Poem Identity: Narrative Poetry – It tells a story, grouped in sets of four (aabb scheme)

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