Northern Bard: Nicole Berger “The Relocation of Niggy Bee”

The Relocation of Niggy Bee

It’s a story as old as the one of the gold

They found in the rivers up north.

Why people get stuck and find their luck

In the Yukon wilds ‘round Whitehorse.

So this tale, you see, follows Fräulein Niggy Bee

Who one night received a call.

“I got stuck on the shores of the great rivers up north,”

Came the voice of her best friend of all.

“Endless forests! Lakes clear! Roamed by wolf, lynx and deer!

Everything is as it’s meant to be.

Under the Spell of the Yukon, I found where I belong.

Come visit, so your own eyes can see!”

She was instantly hooked, for the summer she booked

A Condor flight for a visit.

Oh, the joy was insane when she stepped off that plane

For the land was a kindred spirit.

All summer she explored – never once got bored –

The Yukon’s great outdoors so pristine.

She hiked and paddled everywhere, brushing up with a bear

Never wanting back the old routine.

But back home she would go, and returned to the flow

Feeling as homesick as one can be.

So next summer she was back, all her life in one pack,

And that was that, the Relocation of Niggy Bee.

Poem:  A ballad in the style of Robert Service

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