Northern Bard: Robert Mundell “Out on the Trail”

Out on the Trail

When the dogs are ready

Their traces tight

It’s time to be off 

Into the cold crisp night

I call “let’s go”

To the leader bitch

She goes straight ahead

Without a hitch

So off we go

On our midnight mush

The only sound

From the runners a shush

Through the trees 

And over the hill

The night is calm

Quiet and still

The trail is hard

Smooth and fast

The dogs are pacing

I know they’ll last

20 miles in

The dogs lost some zest

I stopped to give them 

A drink and a rest

As I give each dog

An encouraging word

A howl to the west

A wolf could be heard

We sit and listen 

To the silent night

The wolf forgotten

No sign of fright

We head for home

Our journey half done

The dogs are running

Like they just begun

We hit the home stretch 

Well past four

The dogs are tired

Me even more

We hit the kennel

All stiff and sore

The dogs left behind

Are in an uproar

We couldn’t take them all

Some had to stay

They’ll be ready to go

Another day

Poem Style:  Ballad Quatrain

Written 1987

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