Northern Bard: Don Green ” The Ballad of Baldy and White-Tail”

And the Winner of our Northern Bard poetry contest is…

Don Green

The subject line on the email began, “DON YOU HAVE WON” and I was reaching for the delete button until I saw rest of subject line, “THE CONDOR POETRY CONTEST!” Then I thought, “Maybe I better read this.” I had no expectation of winning, in fact my wife Joanne and I had never even talked about where we would go or what we would do if I won the contest. So now the fun of planning our trip begins. We feel blessed.

 The Ballad of Baldy and White-Tail

They met by design, 

Baldy and the Fraulein.

When they boarded the flight,

On that Frankfurt night.

A stirring was felt, 

As each fasten their seat belt.

The engines then roared, 

On board Condor they soared.

“I have noticed your white head.

And when we broke our bread,

You lifted your beak to the sky.

May I ask you why?”

“Before I dine, 

My head I incline.

Thanks I am  professing, 

For my every blessing.”

But please tell me your story.

What takes you to my Territory?”

“I come to see  lakes of greenish blue in wilds untamed, 

And Your Tombstone Mountains so acclaimed.” 


“As for me I am returning from Germany,

Where I journeyed to see,

Well kept hardwood trees, 

Cathedral spires, and frieze.”

In Whitehorse they touched down.

Baldy gladly showed White-Tail his town.

“I know where we can catch fish without failing.

Would you care to join me for a dinner of grayling?”

And before they dined, 

Their heads inclined, 

Thanks they were professing, 

For their every blessing.

Now often they ponder, 

If it was not for Condor; 

Life would be boring. 

Alone they would  be soaring.

Poem Style: Ballad

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