Northern Bard: Jeninne Cathers “Yukon to Europe”

Yukon to Europe

From the Yukon wilds of rivers and mountains

To Europe’s history of castles and fountains;

A flight away; it’s not that far

On Condor, connecting here to “thar”.

Camping, canoeing, the midnight sun

Are some of the reasons the Yukon is fun.

And after mid-August, the northern lights 

Could give a display that’s lively and bright.  

Compare this to Europe’s old towns and bridges,

Cobblestone streets and Alpine ridges.

It’s a wonderful world that’s out there to find,

And then there’s the food – all different kinds.

The Yukon has cranberries and fireweed jelly, 

And cinnamon buns between Whitehorse and Pelly.

For Europe, it’s sausage and delicious bread,

And varieties of cheese to keep you fed.

Travel by air lets us see other lives:

Landscapes and farms and scenic drives.

A richness of culture both ends of the flight,

You arrive in nine hours to begin your delight.

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