Northern Bard: Valerie Dykshoorn “WILD AND FREE”


Let’s live a new life,

Darling you and me,

In the old true North,

Where the Earth can breathe.

Let’s live a life that’s wild and free.

Let’s dream in plush dark,

Dance, in midnight’s sun.

Let’s forage and feast

Where the bison run.

Let’s live each day like our last one.


Let’s live in the land

Where the Klutan creeps,

Where rivers and hills

Have secrets to keep.

Let’s live in quiet, calm and peace.

We’ll gather dear friends

As the fire burns low,

Drink warm cups of cheer

While the cold wind blows.

Let’s live a life wilder than most.

Lady Klondike calls

Under full moon’s glow,

We can leave tonight

With our dreams in tow.

Let’s live a life that’s wild and free.

Poem Style: lyric with an ABCB rhyme scheme

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