Northern Bard: Heidi J Loos “T-Bug”

T. Bug

A long time ago in the Land of Snow

A little girl found a bug,

Atop her magic carpet (which was really just a rug)

They flew together far and wide

Hand in wing, side by side.

Her imagination took them     

Here and there, and everywhere 

(or so she thought- the bug thought not!)

No, Not Everywhere

This bug had his own ideas buzzing in his head

Ideas that were strengthened by everything she read.

Together they learned of many towns,

Of historic leaders and barbaric clowns

Of cities, countries, and communities

Of oceans, fish and manatees

Places she could not even begin to imagine

The lands of her ancestors: her European kin

Places North and places South; cities close and far

Places she could not get to by carpet, feet, or car.

They’d need plane tickets and dollar signs

To take them all that way-

To where the girl’s great great Oma 

Met her great great Opa

So long ago…

Little does the girl know, she will never be rid of Mr. Bug

But he’s not the pesky parasite people make him out to be

He’s more like a tour guide 

an adventure-seeking friend, always up for a ride!


This poem is a type of narrative poem called an Allegory. An allegory has both an explicit and implicit messages, similar to fables and parables. It has both literal meaning and (using metaphor, personification and/or other literary tools) a secondary meaning. This particular allegory utilizes perfect, imperfect and internal rhyme.

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