Northern Bard: Elke Gruninger “Coming To The Yukon”

Coming to the Yukon

In the past it was the gold rush

to make a fortune with a claim.

Many people came to Whitehorse,

some by foot, by ship or by train.

Most of them left poor the Yukon.

Just a few could reach this goal.

They could not enjoy the beauty

which this land can give the soul.

Fortunately the times have changed,

other reasons now to come.

Fishing, hunting, hiking, biking

but also still panning for some.

Dreaming now about the Yukon

means to see this breathtaking place

diving into this unique nature

with this very own pace.

While the gold rush it was a struggle

now it’s just an easy flight.

And when Condor is reaching Whitehorse

you get as a welcome a beautiful sight.

Dreams come true with this arrival,

pick up the motor home and drive

through the spectacular famous Yukon

which is larger than the life.

Poem identity: Free verse poem

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