Northern Bard: Sean Yurchak “Different Worlds”

The Condor, the name for two species vultures,

known to be the largest flying landbird in the western hemisphere,

inhabiting the old and new world,

and eponym for the giagantic flying bird called a plane,

that connects the

wild beautiful untouched wilderness of the Yukon,

where nature rules, and conquers one´s everyday life,

where the soul is blessed with a horizon so wide, with air so clean,

a world of adventures so pure, and where a unique magical universe awaits,

with europe, birthplace of western culture, with history who’s chapters

reach from the neanderthal man, to ancient greek mythology,

 from ancient rom, to the knights and there castles of middle age, 

from the  renaissance with the flowering of art, philosophy and music

to the scientific revolution leading to explore the world, and proof that earth is not flat.

Mankinds passion for discovering the world arose…

And now here we are in a world full of possibilities, full of chance, in the age of giangantic flying birds, overcoming great distance , connecting two worlds so greatly and wonderfuly different, that it is pure joy to explore and discover each other, both brother and sister of earth mother.   

Poem Style: a prose about the beauty that lay in the difference of different worlds, and the joy to experience each others world (Europe/Yukon)

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