Ode to a Canadian by John Birmingham

Ode to a Canadian

It’s a feeling, an understanding of sorts

It’s an emotion arriving without court

That runs through the bones

A quiet confidence spread across many zones

Every sport is enjoyed by those wanting

A tolerance, some patience, the results not for flaunting

Amazing homeland, fascinating to see

Proud of our history, with bannock and tea

Living in the shadow of the more people

Just like them we start with family at the steeple

Striving with virtue on a given days best

Same as the rest of folks we love our nest

The culture it changes every five degrees

You won’t travel far without something to please

Special events to highlight the year

People from the four corners sharing good cheer

It is viewing from space saying, “That is home!”

It’s capturing your thoughts in a meaningful poem

Empathy for those that suffer afar

Then hit the links and maybe shout, “Par!”

From the first people to come, Indian and Inuk

These feelings are common as sighting a duck

To the latest arrivals by foot and plane

We share what we have and not be too vain

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