Soaring by Mary Ellen O’Brien


A red and white kite

Soars in the sky, red maple leaf

Dazzling in the sun

It begins its journey in the east

Threading its way from red beaches, dense forests, rock-faced shields

Great lakes, prairie skies, to rocky mountains

The journey from ocean to ocean

The current shifts north to majestic mountains untouched by

ice age; vast lands with endless days and long nights

Electric hues of purples and greens pull the kite

to the edge of the Arctic Ocean

The wind dies down

The kite rests

Throughout the journey snapshots have been collected

Surrounded by waterways connecting the new and the old

Tied together by cultures and traditions from near and afar

Traditions from everywhere, traditions that become us

A first skate on the pond, a flag sewn on a knapsack, wheat fields

First people beading together ancient stories of the land

Bringing us closer to mother earth

A drum beats

Like her heart

I am Canadian

Mostly the kite’s journey has captured photos

Of friend helping friend

Neighbour beside neighbour

The maple leaf’s points reach out

Like the palm of a hand

Embracing us all

Our pride

Our joy

Our sorrows

We share it together

By Mary Ellen O’Brien

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