Tatoo You: Nakatsuka Masamichi


Hello readers, Do you have a tattoo that is important to you? Is it inspired by something or someone in the Yukon? Please submit a highres image of your ink for Tattoo You along with a brief explanation of its significance to [email protected]

Tatooed: Nakatsuka Masamichi

Another one of my favourite tattoos is on my ribs. This tattoo doesn’t have much meaning. I just love Day of the Dead art. So, I designed it myself, and when I went to Toronto in 2013, I was looking for a shop to check out artists. I found one shop and the artist looked familiar… After we talked a bit, I realized he did my first tattoo on my arm before! We were surprised, and talked about my design. We changed some parts and he was excited to do this tatoo. So I decided to get a tattoo by him again and he opened his shop! I’m glad he did.

He’s getting famous, I think. This tattoo session was very hard. We did one session, 7hours…

After 3 hours I was in a lot of pain, but we did 7 hours almost non stop. Then after it healed, he wanted more detail, so we did one more hour. I really love this tattoo. There’s not much meaning, but maybe I can say this tattoo means I’m tough.

I’m going to the Toronto tattoo convention this June, and gonna get a Yukon-something tattoo!

I’m sure, I’m gonna learn so many things at the convention. Someday I wanna open my tattoo shop!

Thank you for reading my message.  

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