Tattoo You: Sandy Miller

I have lived in the Yukon pretty much my whole life. I, like many other Yukoners, am proud of all that this beautiful land has to offer!

I once tried to get a fireweed tattoo done in Vancouver, but they found it difficult to design from a picture so it did not work out. I was home in Watson Lake last fall and went into the interpretive centre to visit a dear friend and she proceeded to tell me that her co-worker, a young girl I have known her whole life, was now tattooing. I asked her if she could do my fireweed tattoo and she said yes. Two days later I had it done and am very proud of the wonderful job she did. I also got her to tattoo Yukon wild roses on my other leg. I love the Yukon and am proud to have our beautiful territorial flower as a tattoo. I get comments on how lovely it is every time I show it!

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