Tattoo You: Whitney Sandulak

Hello readers, Do you have a tattoo that is important to you? Is it inspired by something or someone in the Yukon? Please submit a highres image of your ink along with a brief explanation of its significance to [email protected] 

Here is my sleeve which I just got done about three weeks ago in honour of my husband.


It’s my love story with my husband, Tanner Sinclair, unfolded into a sleeve. Raven is the spirit bird, and since he’s passed I’ve had so many situations with ravens, I feel like it’s him telling me he’s watching over our shoulders always. Roses represent our love. Skull represents his death. The skull has tears and some droplets that fell on the rose petal. Poppies represent those who have passed, and we always will remember. Compass is so I know in which direction to go, and it is surrounded with Tanner’s favorite flower, forget-me-nots. Cross represents my faith, which has anchored me since Tanner’s passing. The quotes are for myself and the girls. The lettering around my wrist is the girls’ names in Viking runes, which is part of my Scandinavian background. 

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