Hello readers, Do you have a tattoo that is important to you? Is it inspired by something or someone in the Yukon? Please submit a highres image of your ink along with a brief explanation of its significance to [email protected]

Tattooed: Sara Alexis

This tattoo was thought up on my drive across Canada to move to Whitehorse. I knew I would get a tattoo once I lived here but I didn’t know what I wanted until I took a picture of the road ahead of me with the mountain ahead and the trees lining the road. Though it could be representative of many of the drives I have taken in Northern Canada, it specifically symbolizes my solo drive up here. I was lucky enough to find Buzz at Triple J’s who took my picture and turned it into more of a painting and framed it well with a vintage baroque frame that suits my style. I will always have this tattoo as a reminder of when I packed up and moved across the country to this beautiful territory.