Nadine Peters Teslin,YT

It’s Northern lights with emerald shine

Upon a breaking dawn

It’s long, cold nights that chill your soul

As winter lingers on

The joyous smells of springtime

A crocuses fuzzy bloom

It’s witnessing tranquility

Beneath a harvest moon

It’s going to a hockey game

Having fun with all your friends

It’s the midnight sun up in the North

Where the party never ends

It’s sitting in a prairie field

Or castles in the sand

It’s coast to coast to perfect coast

Our home and native land!

Canadians are awesome

We have a heart of gold

I’ve been everywhere, man

And on this place I am sold

We’re brave, we’re fierce, we’re gutsy!

We’re solid. We have heart

This country is so beautiful

I don’t know where to start

And no matter where I travel

No matter where I roam

It’s C-A N-A D-A!

The place I call my home.