What It Means To Be Canadian by Renate Schmid

A Rhyming Couplet inspired by the show

“ Fly Over Canada” at Canada Place in Vancouver

Spread your wings and leave your troubles at home

Soar over Canada for now you are free to roam

Over snow-capped mountains, river valleys, and grasslands you will fly

A kaleidoscope of beauty will open up before your eyes

This country offers its people a chance to live

Knowing that the secret to happiness is to give

Hatred has no place in this chosen country of mine

For as long as there is forgiveness, somehow we will align

John Lennon once imagined a world without borders and wars

Still a dream, but Canada is on track by opening its doors

Canadians know how to share, to smile, to love and unite

To embrace the cultural diversity that Canada offers with pride

Spread your wings; let the wind carry you from the Atlantic to the Pacific sea

Be happy and proud that you are part of the True North strong and free!

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