Dog Culture

Eric The Red

Hello Everyone, Share your fur baby photos with us Send your high-resolution photos with a description of what’s happening in the photo, and the camera equipment you used to: [email protected] By submitting your photo, you are giving permission for What’s Up Yukon to publish your photo for print and online use. We may also use …

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Dog Culture: Copycat!

My dog Finlee AND cat Jebediah. They sleep that way a lot. Submit your pet photos to What’s Up Yukon and see them in our paper too.

Sophie at the Humane Society

Sophie makes a Humane Society donation

Sophie Stuart, age 7, saw in What’s Up Yukon that the Humane Society needed donations. She sold some of her toys and donate the proceeds.

Yukon’s Best Friend: Sundance

This is Sundance!“This one big enough mom? It’s kinda heavy.” Submit your Yukon dog photo to What’s Up Yukon too.

For the love of dog, leash up!

Having dogs off-leash in the great outdoors can ruin a good time—for wildlife, dogs and the humans who love them both.

Yukon’s Best Friend Sally

Yukon’s Best Friend Sally

Yukon’s Best Friend Sally. The size of the stick has nothing on trudging through deep snow to get it! Submit your Yukon dog photo

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