Dog Culture – Kirsten Scott

This is a photo I took of my Border Collie, Belle, and I (camera was on a tripod) just after we moved into our cabin north of Whitehorse in Dec 2014. I’d lived in the Yukon for 18 months in 2012/13 but had to leave for a while to go home to Ontario. My mother has a farm and has bred Border Collies for 30+ years, so I grew up with Belle’s great x4 grandmother as my childhood dog. Mum gave me Belle as a 6 month old puppy and I drove back to the Yukon in May 2014 with Belle, age 1, squished in the car amongst all my belongings! It was pretty much the first time she’d been off the farm and it was for an 8 day, 5,500km road trip! She survived the culture shock and loves it in the Yukon. Belle is my hiking and running companion (she did the Mayo midnight summer solstice half marathon with me in 2014), herds grouse in my yard and the neighbour’s chickens! We are about to move to West Dawson for our next adventure.

[box] Meet our dogs, they live for us, we live for them, the Yukon would not be the Yukon without Dog Culture. Send photos of Yukon dogs and their people to [email protected]![/box]

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