This photo was taken high up in the Dezdeash Mountain Range close to my family’s hunting camp, Squirrel Creek. Our dog Tasha was with us on a moose hunting trip and right prior to this photo she caught and killed a ptarmigan. Tash loves going on adventures with the horses, when we are on the trail she does her perimeter checks and once that is done she usually picks a spot to wait for everyone and every horse to go passed her (she hates it when the group isn’t together). If it’s a particularly long trail ride or overnight trip she hops on my horse Shooter with me to take a little break.
Tasha is turning 5 on February 19th and I rescued her from Mayo, Yukon. Along with trail riding with the horses she LOVES to chase gophers, rabbits, and willow grouse and in the winter time she loves to pull a small sleigh containing oats to feed the horses.

Meet our dogs, they live for us, we live for them, the Yukon would not be the Yukon without Dog Culture. Send photos of Yukon dogs and their people to editor@whatsupyukon.com!