Dog Culture – Steve Wilson

Lulu may be the smallest dog in the Yukon, but she is all Yukon. At a whopping five pounds, deaf and toothless, her bark is literally worse than her bite!
We recently had some added excitement on our evening walk when we encountered a fox coming up our driveway as we were leaving. When Lulu saw the fox, it was go time! As we got closer, the fox wandered down the street and up the next driveway. When we were coming home from the other direction (we walk in a big circle), we ran into Little Fox again. Time for round two!
Camera: Nikon Coolpix B500

[box] Meet our dogs, they live for us, we live for them, the Yukon would not be the Yukon without Dog Culture. Send us photos of Yukon dogs and their people![/box]

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