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My dog Bear has special needs. There, I said it. His name is Bear, because a small dog needs a big name. After the death of his brother and constant companion Moose, Bear developed separation anxiety. We got him a new brother, Cariboo (Boo for short), but were not sure he could ever be kenneled again. We love to travel, but always had stress about leaving our boys with strangers. That’s when we found Heather Grantham, the dog whisperer at Kluane Point Kennel in Haines Junction.

Heather and TJ Grantham, long-time Yukon residents, have turned their love for animals into a new kennel which provides service to both local dog owners and those from as far away as Beaver Creek, Haines, Alaska, Whitehorse and all points in between.
Heather exudes a warm friendliness and, with five dogs of her own, an obvious love of dogs. She vibrates with a positive energy and shares a confident optimism. Heather calmly listened to my concerns and designed a plan which included a trial stay to assess the dogs. Sometimes dog owners also have separation anxiety and need reassurance. It was comforting that Heather was optimistic about having a positive outcome and she was right. She knelt down to greet my small dogs and they loved her. Throughout their stay, Heather sent updates and pictures to ease our worries.

Kluane Point Kennel is located on a little farm just outside of Haines Junction, with views of the majestic Kluane National Park mountains. Their farm includes ample room for horses, chickens, ducks, cats and, of course, dogs. The Granthams have lived in Haines Junction for about six years and the kennel is the realization of a long-held dream. Kluane Point Kennel is already building a solid reputation among dog owners.

The family-run business provides both short and long-term dog boarding. Heather and TJ’s children take an active part in walking and caring for the animals in their charge. In addition to boarding services, clients can drop their dogs for the day so they can travel to Whitehorse for supplies without the worry and stress of leaving their dogs in their vehicle. The kennel building is located adjacent to the house. Each dog has their own heated indoor space which backs onto a one-acre fenced dog park for supervised outdoor play. For dogs who do not play well with others, there is a separate run for individual exercise. The kennel also caters to customized care for dogs with special needs, including administering medication, observing special diet requirements and more. Heather sends emails and pictures of how the dogs are adjusting to their stay at the kennel. These assure owners that their dogs are happy and being cared for.

In addition to boarding services, the kennel provides half-hour training sessions to teach basic dog manners such as walking at heel, jumping up, barking, recall, crate training and extended stay/place work. Dogs staying at the kennel get supervised socialization with other dogs and people (including children), as well as exposure to other animals such as horses, chickens and cats. Heather works on owner-identified unwanted behaviours and helps the dog and owner to overcome them.

Heather and TJ Grantham are committed to providing the best care possible for their customer’s dogs. As the first anniversary of the opening of Kluane Point Kennel approaches, it is as clear as their view of the mountains, they are doing just that.
You can reach Heather at 867-332-2006, or check out her web page at

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