So, I woke up yesterday morning feeling toasty.

I didn’t realize that feeling would be replaced by the “I’m a popsicle” feeling. Who knew? Not me. One look outside and I figured it was beautiful out, but what did I know anyway? I guess I knew better than to step outside in pyjamas.

My next thought included a hot shower and – no, that’s pretty much as far as I got. Since I’m seven months pregnant, going to the bathroom never really enters my thoughts. It’s just one of those routine things.

I hop in the shower and all is great, until the water turns cold. Who turned the tap on in the kitchen? Apparently, the cold decided to join me in the shower, too. After my shower, I’ve warmed up considerably and am sitting in my room in a towel trying to decide what to wear.

“Girl! Aren’t you freezing? Put some clothes on!”

Thanks for reminding me of the frigid air in the house, Auntie. Now I can restart my shivering to make the rest of my cold morning complete.

Of course, it’s windy when I go outside; that’s great for wet hair. Only good thing about the wind at this point is that there is no hum of mosquitoes.

Apparently I spoke too soon. The scent of my shampoo has attracted them. I’d run the rest of the way to my car, but my hands are kind of full and my shoes were untied. Now I suffer with the possibility of what is starting to feel like frostbite and hypothermia. Isn’t July a wonderful month?

Didn’t I mention that earlier? I guess I should have said something. Yes, it’s July. I’m also in the Yukon and, according to the residents, none of this is normal. So, the mosquitoes are out in droves and the weather is abnormal just because I came to visit? Why?

The rain that started to come down before I even reached the car didn’t surprise me in the least. That was the one thing I had been warned about before I even left for my trip. However, it didn’t dampen my spirits … I like rain. Still, I couldn’t wait to get to work.

I finally get to the car and start it. After adjusting the heat and driving for a bit I realize that the heat isn’t working properly. Thankfully, the store would be warm when I got there, even if I did feel like a bit of a popsicle at the time.

There really wasn’t a whole lot to do at the store, so I got out my book and attempted to fend off hypothermia and frostbite in the store’s warmth.

By the end of the day, I was warmed up and happy. There was no frostbite or hypothermia present. On my way home, I fuelled the car and got some popcorn – my little treat for surviving the day.

At home, Onyx (my dog) happily greeted me at the door with my Aunt. Absentmindedly, I patted my Auntie on the head and hugged my dog. If I recall correctly, Auntie gave me one of her “Excuse me?” looks; I remember getting those a lot as a kid.

“Oops, sorry. Hi Auntie,” I said after I realized what I’d done.

“How was your day,” she asked.

“I read a book, but there was a few customers.”

“That’s good.”


I began unpacking the remainder of my lunch and decided to go treasure hunting. In other words, I was going to pick eggs.

I realize I may be a little old to call it “treasure hunting”, but give me a break, I enjoy it. Since it was sunny out, I decided that my shorts and T-shirt would do and that I would just grab some work gloves. I had forgotten how the weather liked to change on me without any official warning and it began to rain again. I’m soaked again and I only found one egg.

Thank goodness it was almost bed time. Bed time meant I would be warm once again. I changed my clothes and got comfortable beneath the blankets.

Then, just before falling asleep, a feeling of dread came over me …

What if tomorrow was exactly the same?

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