Yukon See It Here: Jim Borisenko

These photos chronicle the Windy Arm fire that took place this past summer.

Looking across Windy Arm, post-fire (first week of September) from the Skagway roadside. Strikers Valley leads away, directly across the lake. Dark burnt areas are clear along the flanks of Book Mountain (to the right). Most of the steep draws on Book are burnt right up to the treeline, but the forests along the lake were spared. Larger burn areas can be seen on Escarpment Mountain (left), in some cases, right down to the water. Smoke is still visible on the flanks of Escarpment, a little ways up Strikers

So, once again, I am surprised at how much living forest is left behind after a large fire. The pothole lake, as well as Windy Arm, will live to grow another day

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