Bar snacks are the best. Any sort of deep fried appy always gets my attention. And deep fried pickles catch my gaze more so than the rest. Being a pickle lover I generally have all the ingredients on hand to be able to make up a batch without much notice.

There are a couple drawbacks to staying home and not venturing out to your local for your deep fried treats, and that’s the frying part. Deep frying at home can be a bit of a pain, but just be careful of splattering oil and take your time working with small batches and you’ll be surprised at just what a quality product you end up with.

Deep Fried Pickles

Serves 4


10 pickle spears, sliced lengthwise

¼ cup all-purpose flour

Salt and pepper, to taste

2 eggs, beaten

2 Tbsp Greek yogurt (or sour cream)

½ cup breadcrumbs

Canola oil, for frying


1. Season the flour with a good amount of salt and pepper, tossing the flour so the seasoning is distributed throughout. Coat the pickle spears in flour, then egg, then breadcrumbs. Let sit on a plate in the fridge while you heat the oil.

2. In a pot with high sides heat ½ inch of oil to 350 degrees. The easiest way to check is with a candy thermometer, but generally setting it at medium high then dropping in a few breadcrumbs to check if it sizzles is an old-school alternative. Fry the breaded pickles in batches, placing the cooked pieces on a paper towel to drain. Serve immediately with ranch sauce (or any favorite alternative) for dipping.