Canning & Preserves

Preserved Clementines

Preserved Clementines

Preserving citrus is a great way to make the most of the best part of winter produce. Salt-preserved clementines can be mixed…

Canola and fermented vegetables

Delicious, Healthy Fermented Beverages

While there is very little information on the origin of water kefir grains, some studies state they could come from Caucasia, as milk kefir grains were used by Russians, centuries ago.

Fresh spruce tips

Gather: All The Spruce Tip Things

Spruce tip season is short. There’s anxiety about getting out soon enough. Once picked and processed, you can experiment with abandon.

Here Comes the Sun

When winter is in its grip and snow is all around, take heart: the sun is not far away. Make it arrive sooner by enjoying some marmalade, aka “sunshine in a jar”. By this time of winter, the Klondikers of old treasured the batches of canning, especially when it was something as toothsome as the …

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