Yoda Soda

Use any green soda to get a this Star Wars inspired “Yoda-looking” soda./ Vodka is optional, but highly suggested, when age appropriate.

Parmesan and Spruce Tip Shortbreads

Ever eat from a package and think, “Huh. I could make that.” I sampled pricey Parmesan &rosemary shortbreads, I tried spruce tips instead.

Birthday Pairings, Campground Treats

Jennifer’s (Free Pour Jenny) cocktail and an appetizer. The cocktail’s bright, sharp and tart. Something cheesy immediately suggested itself. 

Bloody good cocktails

Being that we can’t travel to a warm climate where oranges and lemons grow, it seems fitting to pay tribute to those lovely flavours now, during one of the coldest months.

Light and lovely

Need to go for something light. Try this simple recipe for January. I shall call a “Vodka & Soda That Doesn’t Suck.”

A Calling for Cocktails

Many took up drinking as a hobby during the pandemic, but for the amateur mixologist, it’s all about quality over quaffing. Lise Farynowski has been interested in the art of cocktails for more than a decade. Craft cocktails typically refer to drinks that include fresh ingredients, homemade syrups and small batch spirits (no margarita mix!). …

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Cheers to a new year

This month’s cocktails are an eclectic bunch, but they’re all aimed at celebrating the season, in particular, the impending completion of 2020.

Warm Winter Drinks

Here we are, with the holiday season fast approaching, and it’s quite likely that you will want to celebrate with a few festive drinks. For me, winter with its cold makes me feel the need for warming ingredients such as ginger, cloves, molasses, and chocolate. The recipes that follow are full of these warm flavours.

All About Bubbles

In March, I challenged myself to publish a cocktail recipe every day, for 14 days, on social media – the challenge was that I had to use spirits I already had at home, and that I could not make any extra/unnecessary trips to the grocery store for mixer, etc. This challenge became Free Pour Jenny’s …

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Gin, Gin, Gin-ity Gin

This selection of cocktails is, you guessed it, inspired by gin, but really, it’s inspired by the Prohibition era cocktails of the Roaring Twenties.

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