To Taste ‘A Perfect Summer Day’

Custom-made bubbles from France will transport you to summer, any time of the year
Gisèle Devavry, Édition Le Château Frontenac Premier Cru, Champagne.
Gisèle Devavry, Édition Le Château Frontenac Premier Cru, Champagne.

A few months ago I had the pleasure of travelling to Québec City for a few days. While there were many highlights of the trip, there is one thing that stood out—a new Champagne discovery. The brand is called Gisele Devavry and is based out of the Champagne region in France, located in a town called Champillon. But what is particularly unique is that the version of Champagne I had can only be found in Québec City, at the Fairmont Le Château Frontenac.

The Château Frontenac is an iconic hotel that looks like a castle and overlooks sweeping views of the St. Lawrence River. Part of the Canadian-owned Fairmont hotels, the Château has an impressive 610 guest rooms and suites. Nestled inside this massive hotel is a 5-Star restaurant called Champlain. Visually, the restaurant is very impressive. When you first enter, there is a glass cabinet that houses a very expensive bottle of limited-edition Cognac. Lots of rich woods and wine racks make up the walls, along with fireplaces, dark wood floors and a window wall that overlooks the St. Lawrence. Once I was seated, the server explained, in detail, the menu of the night and then described their specialty wines. I was very much intrigued when he got to the bottle of Gisele Devavry. This particular brut style of Champagne was made especially for the Château Frontenac (the full French name is Gisèle Devavry, Édition Le Château Frontenac Premier Cru, Champagne). Seeing how exclusive it was, I just had to try it.

When the bottle arrived, it was exciting. The label had a decorative gold border, and after the name of the Champagne was “Fairmont Château Frontenac.”

As for the taste, it was simply divine. The first flavours I tasted were apple and pear, followed by a light citrus and finished with a perfectly sweet berry taste. The flavours blended perfectly. The sweetness was well-balanced and the body was light and rich tasting and full of flavour. In my opinion, I do not think that a more-perfect Champagne exists. This special edition of Gisele Devavry tastes like a perfect summer day.

Unfortunately, this bottle is not sold for personal use. You can only get it if you dine at Le Champlain or are a guest at Château Frontenac and order through room service. Because I enjoyed this bottle so much, I did some digging into the brand. There are many types of Champagne that Gisele Devavry produces. Purchasing them, however, may be a bit of a challenge, as not many retailers carry the product. But, should you find yourself in France, you can always stop by the vineyard for a tour of the picturesque grounds, the unique Champagne cave and, of course, to sample from their Champagne collection.

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