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Something stinks in Whitehorse, and no it’s not the smell of our after burner.

It’s election season, and with it comes a plethora of somewhat nauseating political rhetoric.

I have spent some time thinking about this and I have come up with some political party coffee blends. I tried to incorporate some of the party’s political leanings into the blends: So with our further discussion here they are:

The NDP: A sharp, slightly acidic, brew with a slightly nutty after taste…

Green Party: A single origin, shade grown, bird-friendly organic fairly traded brew, plummy with a fresh fruit nose, but slightly overcompensating.

Conservative Party: I tried so hard to come up with something positive, but unfortunately all I got was stale, tired, flat, insipid. With a very acrid aftertaste that was hard to remove after several hours of brushing my teeth.

Liberal Party: Kind of weak, not too strong, develops over time, but also just sort of sits on the fence, not leaning either way. Bit of a disappointment.

All in all this experiment just made me want something different, something new, something that could offer the perfect cup, full-bodied, slightly sweet, minimal after taste, and smooth full finish.

And like the election, it will take some time to see if my new blend is going to actually do what it has promised.

Sound like someone over here at the roastery has had one bitter cup you say?

Damn right, I am still waiting for Canada to grow another hero, a great Canadian Hero. No not another Gretzky; I’m thinking more like Tommy Douglas, but am I asking too much?

Anyway, I abhor election season. It feels like someone wants to take me out on a date, but hasn’t bothered to remember my name, then makes sideways glances at my cleavage while telling me how they are different from all the rest. Yawn.

But I always vote, and you’d better too. Otherwise, someone like me, with a limited education, short on social charm and a nasty blighter with a bit ofSchadenfreude will become your next party candidate.

So grab your party brew, and get out on May 2 and cast that vote.

Remember, while you might not get that perfect cup, you will at least get something that hopefully won’t leave you with heartburn and a stomach ulcer.

I prefer a loving cup. One that is filled with compassion for the underdog, a commitment to positive change, a good understanding of current issues and a willingness to listen to its constituents. Yeah, I know, what a tall order.

But since baristas around the country can manage your tall orders every day perhaps those who are supposedly better informed, better paid, and with larger hats could get behind that old adage: “I’d rather work for my money than beg, borrow or steal it.”


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