Roasted beet and carrot salad with pear and hemp heart dressing

Roasted Beet and Carrot Salad

When I was asked to write a recipe for this issue of What’s Up Yukon, I decided to call in a real expert and asked local dietician…

Healthy honey mustard dressing

This honey mustard dressing is rich in heart-healthy, inflammation-lowering monounsaturated fats. It is super easy and quick to make.

Broccoli and bacon salad

Broccoli and bacon salad

It’s picnic, BBQ and eating outdoor season – FINALLY. The dressing for this family favorite is based on donair sauce, so sweet and sticky with just a hint of garlic.

Smashed cucumber salad with ginger

Fresh, crisp cucumbers are perfect at any summer meal. They add texture and contrast when paired with grilled meats. This version can be served as a salad, or as a garnish, next to pretty much anything you’d throw on a grill.

Tasty Soups and Salads

Many people are doing more cooking and baking at home right now, and as well leaning more towards vegetables than meat. This week we will pass on some tasty salads for you to try. Salads TASTY MACARONI SALAD 2 cups spiral macaroni 2 cups chopped tomatoes 1 green onion 1\2 chopped cucumber 1 chopped green …

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Homemade salads

Murray shares a variety of salads and dressings to make at home… Let me take you back to the 1940s when Mom did not rely on buying her salads from the local grocery stores. These were the days you knew where the products came from and mostly it was Dad’s garden.

Roasted tomato panzanella salad

Panzanella is a traditional Italian way of using old bread and lovely fresh tomatoes. While the original version uses crusty Italian bread, this version is geared more towards using up leftover rolls from summer parties with friends.

Summer Salads

With summer’s arrival in the North (thank goodness it is finally here) come picnics and pot luck BBQs. Having a salad or two to make ahead is always a good tactic in the time management department. Made ahead, the salad can marinate and improve while you take off on your bike or hike up a …

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Striking Gold; One Potato at a Time

Yukon Gold potatoes, as fresh baby nuggets or mature full size, are wonderful for this  delicious, warm salad. Paired with fresh apple and Camembert cheese, this dish celebrates the good old potato. Yukon Gold potatoes have a firm texture, yellowy “golden” colour and grow very well in our cooler Northern climate. If you are not …

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Great Pick for a Potluck

This is a great recipe for your next potluck supper. Quick to put together, better after it has sat for an hour, this salad is loaded with great flavour and interesting texture. It is also a good choice for a refrigerator salad that can be packed for lunches during the week. This is one of …

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Simple Salad for People on the Go

Here is a simple salad, colourful and high in nutrients. Try using a whole wheat penne or vegetable pasta for interesting texture and increased fibre. Bright-red tomatoes contrast with celery and cucumbers to make this a light, easy-to-prepare and easy-on-the-budget summer meal. It can be served warm, right after mixing, or be kept in the …

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