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The Unexpected Joys of Fishing

I never thought that I would like fishing. In fact, as with many things our minds convince us of, I went through the better part of my life certain that I was very happy having nothing to do with piscine pursuits. I didn’t particularly like eating fish and I felt no need to try to catch one. And then I fell in love with a man who loves fishing.

Tasty Soups and Salads

Many people are doing more cooking and baking at home right now, and as well leaning more towards vegetables than meat. This week we will pass on some tasty salads for you to try. Salads TASTY MACARONI SALAD 2 cups spiral macaroni 2 cups chopped tomatoes 1 green onion 1\2 chopped cucumber 1 chopped green …

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Cream of curried cauliflower soup

You can also beef up this soup by adding all sorts of hearty vegetables—think carrots and cabbage rather than bell peppers or zucchini.

Mushroom Soup

Living in a place where so many people pick mushrooms, this recipe is a great way to let those freshly picked beauties shine.

Hearty Burger Soup

In a recent article on uses for ground meat, I intentionally left out soup so I could do this article on that topic. Burger soup is surprisingly easy to make and I am satisfied it will please even the most discriminating taste buds. The complete project, including cooking time is about 2 hours, but of course, longer …

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Sweet potato and peanut soup

If you’re vegan – or a person who feeds vegans – this recipe (or one much like it) is probably already in your arsenal. If not, or if you’re just looking for a way to eat less meat, this recipe will make even the most devoted meat eater feel satisfied. The combination of sweet potato …

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French Onion Soup

French Onion Soup

This moose spin on a classic dish will become your favourite winter meal for a host of reasons.

Fish soups to warm the stomach

Newfoundland Oyster Soup Ingredients 1 cup milk 8 oysters 2 Tbsp soda cracker crumbs ¼ tsp. salt 1 Tbsp butter A touch of pepper Method Scald the milk in saucepan. And then add the cracker crumbs and seasoning. Followed by the butter and oyster. When the butter is melted the oysters will be done. New …

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Fish Chowder

When out on a day’s fishing and you don’t catch one of those big clunkers, don’t be dismayed. You can make a great chowder with little fish too! Gary Hill, one of the very best fishing guides out of Atlin gave me his secret fish chowder recipe. Gary Hill’s Atlin Chowder Ingredients: 2 pounds of …

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Eat (or Sip) Your Veggies!

Decreasing meat consumption (even just a little) and upping your vegetable intake can do  wonders for the digestive tract. This vegetarian “Soup Pot” along with a fast-and-fragrant Corn Bread is a delicious meal that can be prepared quickly and by novice cooks. While you certainly can make this soup with dried beans rehydrated and cooked …

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A Simmering Supper

Roasting the vegetables makes difficult-to-peel squash easier to work with. As well, along with fresh garlic, roasting sweetens and intensifies the flavour of root vegetables. This is an easy-to-prepare soup which pairs nicely with a hearty bread and old cheddar or gruyere cheese. Very high in Vitamin A, dark orange vegetables are some of the …

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Simmering Spuds

The firm texture of Yukon Gold potatoes goes well with fresh corn to deliver a rich flavour in this hearty and healthy soup. Leave the skin on new potatoes as the skins are high in Vitamin C. Yukon-grown potatoes are plentiful now as the digging is well underway in Northern gardens. Shaving kernels from corn …

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Those Irish Eyes … (… Potato eyes, that is!)

Our cool northern climate is similar to conditions in Ireland where so many potatoes (with Irish  eyes) grow plentifully. Yukon Gold potatoes, along with the humble cabbage, are the ingredients for a simple, satisfying and cheap soup. Accompanied with a brown soda bread, you have the makings of a St. Patrick’s Day lunch or supper. …

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Something’s Fishy for Dinner

While a fish stew exists in many cultures, our northern fish shines like no other in the version  presented here. Choose a firm textured fish and incorporate as many fresh vegetables as you can get. Using the barbecue keeps the fishy smell outdoors and adds a bit of a rustic flavour to the mélange. I …

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A heart warming Valentine

Tomatoes, paired with roasted peppers, garlic, onions and carrots take on an outstandingly rich flavour in this good-for-your-heart soup. Lycopene is a phytochemical in tomatoes that is made more available to the body when tomatoes are cooked. A powerful antioxidant, lycopene has been linked to lowering cholesterol levels as well as reducing risk for some …

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