Issue: 2014-10-09

Keith Vig dances to Joe Loutchan’s fiddle music every Thursday at the 98.

The Shape of all Sorts of Things

The Shape of Things, which runs every night at the Guild Hall in Porter Creek until October 11, continues playwright Neil Labute’s reputation for blunt depictions of men and women at war with each other. Four students, played by Santana Barryman, Jeff Charles, Rowan Dunne, and Andrea Bois, navigate their way through gender politics and …

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Green Burial in the Yukon

What happens when a person dies? We don’t truly know the answer, but death does hold one certainty: a once animated body stills. We do know what happens to the bodies of the dead. The standard North American options are casket burial in a cemetery, or cremation. In most jurisdictions they are the only options …

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A Family Affair

Peggy Duncan wasn’t the oldest member of Team Yukon in the recent Canada 55+ Games in Sherwood Park, Alberta. That distinction went to 90-year-old Irene Mahoney. But Duncan was the only with a son and daughter-in-law also participating in the national seniors’ event. And it wasn’t the first time she’s been to the games with …

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Paint Dances With Ideas

Because of the cerebral nature of her work, Lawrie Crawford describes herself as an “outlier” in the Yukon, where landscape painters predominate. Measuring Space, Lawrie Crawford’s solo art show at the Northern Front Studio in Waterfront Station, opened at the beginning of October. However, Crawford will offer an artist talk at 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday …

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Dancing’s his thing

struck his family, and Vig started drinking heavily to cope. Then he got a job with an oil company, and hightailed to Inuvik to work on a rig. “I was trying to get away from myself, but myself came along.” But Vig didn’t have a drink the entire time he was in the Arctic, and …

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Life Long Learning

Some say that dogs of a certain age can’t learn new tricks. Sue Starr can’t speak for the dogs, but as a community organizer, adult educator, and driving force behind the new Heart of Riverdale community centre, lifelong learning is both a joy and a necessity. Take technology, for example. As technology becomes an unavoidable …

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Geezer’s Tea

 One of the more frustrating aspects of getting older is the way time becomes distorted. A simple task like making the day’s first cup of tea can take as long as four hours. Really. Let me explain. You drag your wrinkled carcass out of bed and into your dressing gown, then make your bleary way …

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Boiling Water

Waking up to a layer of snow on the ground, Sid van der Meer ventures out to his museum. He is getting ready for winter when he will be in sunny Arizona and his museum will be covered in snow. As he walks along the museum’s boardwalk he comes across a unique object. It’s large, …

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