5Part Bison Hunt

This series consists of five articles, each of which is dedicated to a different stage of a hunt for Yukon bison.
The first one discusses the introduction of  wood bison into the Yukon.
The second section provides information on how to choose a gun, different hunting strategy, and other equipment that may be required out in the field.
The third explains how to field-dress a large wood bison, what equipment is required, and where additional information can be found on the subject.
In the final segment, yYou’ll discover a mouthwatering mix of Larry’s favorite recipes

Bison Hunt: On The Table 5/5

When serving bison, ideally the first meal is raved about. If not you’ll have difficulty serving the remaining 2300 pounds in the freezer.


Bison Hunt: In The Kitchen 4/5

Nutrient comparison: fat per 100 grams of lean cooked meat: bison: 2.42 grams; choice beef: 10.15 grams; pork: 9.66 gram. Why we hunt Bison.

field dressed game

Bison Hunt: Field Care 3/5

I suppose by now some hunter has field-dressed a large wood bison by themselves, but I’ll bet they never want to do it again.

Bison Hunt: Getting Equipped 2/5

Hunting Bison isn’t easy. One bull broken down and weighed in pieces is 2,300 pounds. Big animals that can disappear after being hit well.


Bison Hunt: intro of the herd 1/5

1998 was the first bison hunting season. They did nothing to avoid hunters. Later they became wary so hunting them became more challenging.

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